Critical Path Games is a community of talented game developers on a quest to find the next great video game genre.
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Our adventure

The goal

We are setting out to create innovative, new game experiences for players around the world. To that end, we are assembling a small group of passionate game developers, who are inspired by taking risks, doing hard things, and building the next great video game genre.

  • The starting point

    Our studio is built on the foundation of a deep history of developing successful games and creating great places to work. We’re building upon those learnings to make a new Multiplayer, Cross-Platform Game that players from around the world will love.
  • The path

    The Critical Path in any game is about focusing purely on the most important activities. We believe that a similar focus is how you enable building innovative games with a small team of passionate Game Developers.

Our adventuring party

Who we are

Critical Path Games is a game company proudly located in Vancouver, Canada. Formed around Teamwork, Trust, and Collaboration, we are a co-located team that thrives on the energy, focus, and tight iteration loops that in-person work can unlock.

Work with us

The folks who will thrive at CPG all…

  • make an impact

    We endeavor to create games that not only have a meaningful impact on players, but the industry at large.
  • play as a team

    We embody a mindset where individual accomplishments are secondary to the team’s overall success.
  • foster collective brilliance

    We believe bringing together diverse perspectives creates exceptional solutions.
  • innovate

    We embrace innovation, complexity, and risk in every aspect of our work.
  • deliver quality

    We prioritize maintaining a high "say do" ratio, consistently delivering without overcommitting and sacrificing our well-being

If this sounds like you and you want to join us on this adventure, please reach out.

We are happy to support relocation if you are not already based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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